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Senior Canines

We love our senior patients and we want them to be happy, comfortable companions by your side as long as possible. 

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November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month

Why adopt a senior pet?..... Well let me tell ya!

~ They've seen things: They're generally quieter, calmer, and less likely to get overly excited by common events.

~ No terrible twos! With puppy and kitten days behind them, they aren't chewing, climbing, scratching or eating things they shouldn't.

~ They're ready to go for a walk: Most seniors are familiar with a leash, meeting people and pets calmly, and love it.

~ They listen! Seniors often know basic commands.

~ They will be loyal, grateful family members. They know when they have it good and will love you for it.

Senior Pet - Apple Valley Animal Hospital - Hendersonville, NC