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Feline Care at Apple Valley Animal Hospital

We are proud to be members of the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP)!

The AAFP is an association of 2,500+ practitioners committed to providing excellence in the care and treatment of felines. In the coming months we will be working to achieve the AAFP status of “Cat Friendly Practice”. While our hospital already meets many of the AAFP's criteria, we see this as an opportunity to review all our patient care services and interactions from the feline perspective. This is an involved process which requires staff training, as well as facility and protocol modification to care for the unique needs of our feline patients.

Historically, the majority of veterinary patients in the U.S. have been canine and veterinary medicine developed around canine behavior and needs. Feline patients have very specific care and handling needs and at AVAH, we are committed to meeting the needs of all our patients.

Feline Care - Apple Valley Animal Hospital - Hendersonville, NC

Feline Care - Apple Valley Animal Hospital - Hendersonville, NC

The AAFP recognizes:

“Cats are unique among all animals that live with people. They are not pack or herd animals. They are solitary hunters that are both predator and prey and have developed specific behaviors and responses to their environment. Because of this unique niche, they view the world very differently than other domestic species. It is a view that is often unrecognized and underutilized in our interactions with them.”

To meet our feline patient’s unique needs, we follow AAFP guidelines to meet their “Cat Friendly Practice” standards.

These include:

Reception Area Design and Protocols to Minimize Feline Patient Stress

Feline Behavior Training for Staff

Low Stress Feline Handling Techniques

Dedicated Exam Room and Examination Protocols

Feline Hospitalization Standards

Feline Pain Management

Feline Anesthesia Protocols

Feline Health and Safety

Feline Preventive Healthcare Individualized by Life Stages

Feline Care - Apple Valley Animal Hospital - Hendersonville, NC