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Canine Healthcare Basics

We know prevention is the best medicine for keeping your pet companion happy and healthy.
Here are our life-stage recommendations for mans best friend.

Your Dogs First Year: Getting A Healthy Start

Just like humans, puppies need vaccinations to grow up healthy.  At six weeks maternal antibody levels begin to fade, leaving puppies unprotected.

We recommend the following vaccination and testing schedule for most dogs (some dogs may have higher risk and require a customized schedule).

During each appointment the doctor will give you information on preventive care, life stage concerns, diet, training, and answer your pet care questions.

Apple Valley Animal Hospital: Hendersonville, NC - Puppy Basics.

Between Six and Eight weeks:

DHPP Vaccine -  An important vaccination against Distemper, Hepatitis, Parainfluenza & Parvovirus. This vaccination requires 3 boosters (about 3 weeks apart) to ensure that your dog is fully protected.

Parasite Testing & Treatment - Intestinal parasites are common in puppies and can be fatal if not treated. In our area hookworms, whipworms, roundworms and tapeworms are common. Of these hookworms and roundworms can be transmitted to humans.

Heartworm Prevention - These potentially fatal parasites can be transmitted to your dog by a mosquito bite, and live in the heart. Heartworm disease is common in our area, during your appointment we will recommend a safe and effective preventative.

Between Nine and Eleven weeks:

DHPP Booster #2

Bordetella Vaccine (1 year) - Kennel cough (the same family of bacteria which causes human whooping cough) is airborne, and can easily be transmitted from dog to dog in common areas, such as groomers, boarding facilities, and dog parks. 

Flea/Tick Protection - Several options are available, in topical and oral form, and specific recommendations will be made based on your pet's lifestyle.


Between Twelve and Thirteen Weeks:

DHPP Booster #3

Leptospirosis Vaccine - A bacteria pets can come into contact with by drinking or swimming in natural water sources (creeks, streams, rivers, lakes, etc), which causes kidney or liver disease in pets and people. Given to dogs who spend time outdoors. Requires 1 booster 3 weeks later.

Between Fourteen to Sixteen Weeks:

DHPP Booster #4 (final booster, 1 year)

Leptospirosis Booster#2 (final booster, 1 year)

Rabies Vaccine (1 year) - A fatal viral disease of the nervous system which can be transmitted to humans. Rabies vaccination is required by state law. Boosters are also required within 72 hours if your pet is contacted by an animal of unknown vaccination history.

Between Four and Six Months:

Spay/Neuter - Veterinary studies have shown these procedures can significantly increase the lifespan of your pet.

Spay (female)

      -Stops the two-week heats that occur each six months

      -Eliminates the risk of unwanted pregnancies

      -Greatly reduces the risk of breast and ovarian cancers

      -Eliminates the risk of uterine infections

Neuter (male)

      -Adds three years to life expectancy

      -Reduces urine marking

      -Reduces roaming and fighting instincts

      -Reduces cancer and disease of the prostate and testes

One Year:

Rabies Booster ( 3 year)

Leptospirosis Booster (1 year)

DHPP Booster (or titer test for protective antibody levels) (3 year)

Bordetella Booster (1 year)

Apple Valley Animal Hospital: Hendersonville, NC - Kelsey.

Dental Care:   Click here for more dental health information

Some of the most common, and most preventable conditions we see are periodontal disease and tooth injury. Studies show proper dental care adds an average of two years to a dogs life.

Dental health is as important for our pets as it is for us. Since diet, lifestyle and breed disposition all play a part in periodontal disease progression, our doctors will make recommendations as needed for your pet.

Years 2 through 6: The Adult Dog

Preventive Medicine and Testing - Vaccination boosters and regular health testing are vital to your pets health.


     -Physical examination

     -Bordetella Booster

     -Leptospirosis Booster

     -Fecal Test - To test for internal parasites.

     -Urinalysis - Tests for early kidney disease, diabetes, and other systemic diagnosis.

     -Heartworm Test and Year-Round Prevention

Every other year:

     -Blood profile

Every third year:

    -Rabies Booster

    -DHPP Booster (or titer test for protective antibody levels)

Years Seven and Over: The Senior Dog


     -Physical Examination

     -Bordetella Booster

     -Leptospirosis Booster

     -Fecal Test - To test for intestinal parasites

     -Urinalysis - Tests for early kidney disease, diabetes, and other systemic diagnosis.

     -Blood Profile

   -Heartworm Test and Year Round Prevention

Every third year:

      -Rabies Booster

      -DHPP Booster (or titer test for protective antibody levels)

As Your Dog Ages...

Effective medications and therapies are available to relieve many common senior ailments, providing a higher quality of life for your pet. These include:

Arthritis - Symptoms include: Difficulty or pain when lying down or getting up, limping or stiffness after exercise, lagging behind during walks, appears excited but won't join in.

Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome (CDS) - Symptoms include: Wandering aimlessly, staring into space, not recognizing familiar people, sleeping more overall, sleeping less at night,  barking more, forgetting house training, less enthusiasm, no longer greeting owners.

Inappropriate Urination/Defecation - "Accidents" can have several causes. In many cases we can help.

Apple Valley Animal Hospital: Hendersonville, NC - Senior Care Information.